Road KillerNovember 10,2012

Road Killer

Road KillerRoad KillerRoad KillerRoad KillerRoad Killer


Check you ability, How far you can go with your car? You have booster to increase speed of your car. Use brake to limit your car speed where needed. You have to be careful while driving if you stuck with other car then your damage level will decrease if it reaches to 0 then your game will be over. You have option to increase damage level by collecting damage repair coin, which is randomly placed at road. You also need to be careful regarding your fuel level. It is decreasing as you go forward, You need to collect fuel tank while driving.

You have to fight with police while driving. The helicopter fires bullets on you. You have to save your car from that. At the same time you have to fire bullet towards helicopter to destroy it. Tap on the board to change the direction of the gun towards helicopter. You have second gun to remove car ahead of you. Upgrade gun to get more strong bullets.


  • - So many cars in shop. Collect coin while driving and unlock it
  • - Upgrade fuel tank to improve your car millage
  • - Upgrade gun to get more strong bullet
  • - Collect coin, fuel tank and damage repair coin while playing
  • - You have different different high ways to drive your car