Play TunesMarch 18,2014

Play Tunes

Play TunesPlay TunesPlay TunesPlay Tunes


Want all your Music, Videos and Movies at one place?

This is exactly the app for you!

Play Tunes is a simple and beautiful way to listen music and watch movies and videos in most formats.


  • - Easy and user friendly design to access all functionality
  • - Category wise album and play your favorites.
  • - Keep Play Tunes in background and access other apps.
  • - Easily create, save and update your playlist
  • - Easily drag & drop saved playlist and change sequence
  • - Easy access to top Movies, Videos and Music
  • - Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Seek controls within players
  • - Control playback using iPhone/iPod controls even if it is in background.
  • - Full-screen video support
  • - Quick forward and backward controls


And best of all, it's all free.

Try this application now on your iPhone /iPod.

Have fun and share with your friends.

Rate PLAY TUNES in the Appstore, so we can continue making exciting features for you!

We're always here to help and we love hearing from our users. Get in touch with us any way that works for you!

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