Magic Ball ReloadedOctober 30,2011

Magic Ball Reloaded

Magic Ball ReloadedMagic Ball ReloadedMagic Ball ReloadedMagic Ball Reloaded


There are different walls of different types of bricks and pillars. You will have a MAGIC ball to break those walls, bricks and pillars. You would need to make sure that the ball never go below the slider otherwise you will lose a life. There are 3 life given as default. Some of bricks and pillars have good strength so you might need to fire ball on them twice to break them. There are many specials powers hidden behind the bricks or pillars which can be used to speed up the destruction of wall considerably. But beware! there could some negative powers as well which could decrease your efficiency or take away your life. When you get a special power, it would take position at the bottom and you will tap onto the power to use it when required. No powers are carry forwarded to next level.


THUNDERThis can destruct the entire vertical column of bricks in only one shot.

MISILESThere are two misiles which can destruct two vertical columns if fired correctly.

GUNSwo guns can be used to destruct the bricks and pillars. The guns produces maximum of 10 bullets from each.

FIREBALLThe magic ball turns into fire ball which destructs everything and it does not reflect except from game walls. The power remains ON for 10 seconds.

SPEED UPThe magic ball's speed increases which will help you to destruct the bricks and pillars rapidly. The power goes down after 10 seconds.

ONE UPThis is medical stuff which gives you an additional life. Dont' forget to grab it!

ONE DOWNBeware! it would reduce a life of you. So never touch it.

SLIDER UPThis increases the width of the slider so that you can save the ball more efficiently. This power remains ON for 10 seconds

SLIDER DOWNThis decrease the width of the slider and it remains ON for 10 seconds. Never take this power to be in good condition.

CHAINGrab this power at once. This will reflect and save the ball from bottom edge even if you don't have the slider in position. But to make sure, this power is gone as soon as it is used by the magic ball.

MAGNETThe magic ball will stick to the slider when it touches it. Then after you can move the slider and release the ball where ever you like. The power remains ON for 10 seconds.