King Of DefenseJanuary 12,2013

King Of Defense

King Of DefenseKing Of DefenseKing Of DefenseKing Of DefenseKing Of Defense


  • Are you a lover of defense game?
  • Do you like to play defense game hours and hours?
  • Are you bored with same kind of defense game?
  • Do you want to play different kind of defense game?
  • Do you want to fight in three different environments?
  • Do you want to fight with 27 different enemies?
  • Do you want to kill enemies with 27 different kinds of weapons?


Answer of all above question is: King Of Defense.

We want to provide an outstanding defense game to user. For that we are working since 6 months and we comes out with different, unique game with more action the King Of Defense.

Play King Of Defense and change your defense game experience forever. Enjoy playing in three different environment

1. Forest: There is lovely garden with many different kind of juicy fruits. You are the gardener of that and you have to defend it from endless waves of enemies. Enemies of different kinds, birds, animals, are coming towards to destroy and disorder the garden and its fruits. It is recommended to use special powers like Fire and Throwing Stone in critical situations. Destroy all enemies as quickly as possible. It's all in your hands to save this lovely garden now.

2. Fruit Garden : Enemies are coming towards a lovely forest you built already. You planted those trees with your personnel care, now it's your job to defend the forest from endless waves of enemies. Main danger here are the many poisonous animals like spider, snacks, birds which are suppose to make the trees poisonous and kill them silently. You are given specials additional weapons Fire and Tornado to fight against. Use them wisely and destroy to keep forest clean and green.

3. Village : There is a green, good village. Enemies are coming towards village to destroy it along with peoples, homes, instruments. You are the warrior of village and you need to defend village from endless wave of enemies. Enemies like, wildlife animals, lion, tiger, bear etc are coming. As the level progresses, robbers and bandits would also move towards village. You can also use special powers like earth quake and stone power. It's all in your hands to save the village.