Kapow! Stop the bomb dropMay 13,2013

Kapow! Stop the bomb drop

Kapow! Stop the bomb dropKapow! Stop the bomb dropKapow! Stop the bomb dropKapow! Stop the bomb dropKapow! Stop the bomb drop


Can you stop the bomb drop? Larry is a nasty dude, trying to drop bombs from above and wreak havoc down below.

Catch those bombs in your water bucket as Larry flies around the top of the screen trying to get one past you - don't let him! You can also replace Larry with a Dragonoid or a Mad Scientist to rack up points even faster! And you can get super cool bonuses, like triple buckets, a trampoline (to throw bombs right back at him), a wider bucket, and a safety net. This game requires quick reflexes and a keen eye. The game connects to your Instagram to show your friends/followers your score while you can see theirs, so you can compete with your friends! And if you ever need coins to get cool bonuses just share your score using the Share button.

This game wouldn't be possible without the think tank behind it. A HUGE thanks goes to the brains behind Kapow! (thanks kids)! Thanks to:

  • 1. Hanna Rose (age 11)
  • 2. Zachary Taylor (age 9)
  • 3. Emma Grace (age 11)
  • 4. Alivia Faith (age 9)
  • 5. Sophia Anna (age 5)