Jelly CrushMay 09,2014

Jelly Crush

Jelly CrushJelly CrushJelly CrushJelly CrushJelly CrushJelly Crush


Jelly Crush is the crushing Jelly game with amazing powers and beautiful graphics with three different modes.

Features of the game:

  • - Amazing environment of Jelly games
  • - Beautiful Jelly crushing animation
  • - Three different modes to play with Jelly
  • - Four different powers with excellent features
  • a) Connectors
  • b) Thunder
  • c) Bomb
  • d) Color Bomb
  • - Game Center support
  • - Share score with your friends via Facebook


Amazing Powers

  • Connectors - It will help you to connect either vertical or horizontal Jelly of different types.
  • Bomb - It will clears 9 Jelly of the board with beautiful animation. If you have two or more bomb nearer to each other then you would have more fun.
  • Row/Column - It will crush entire vertical column or horizontal row of Jelly in one tap with wonderful thunder animation.
  • Color bomb - It selects randomly one colour Jelly and clears all fruits of the same color.


All powers are comes randomly from above, also it will helps you to complete level very quickly and entertain you by beautiful animation.


Game have following three modes:


  • Crush the Jelly of the same type by tapping one of them if they are in a block of 3 or more. A block can be formed in minimum of 3 Jelly.
  • Ingredients are introduced on board when certain amount of Jelly are crushed. You will need to set out the Ingredients at the slots to clear the level.




  • Complexity will increase as the new Jelly will comes from bottom and you would need to make hurry to complete the level. If the Jelly reaches to the top, you are gone. There is time limits to complete the level. You have to crush certain number of Jelly in limited time to complete the level.




  • This is almost same as "Classic" mode. You have to crush certain number of a Jelly and have to fill up whole slider within time limit to move to the next level. Since it's name says Challenge, You have to crush Jelly very speedily to complete the level in given limited time. But be careful while crushing Jelly as wrong tap would decrease your slider.


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