Flow SquaresApril 29,2013

Flow Squares

Flow SquaresFlow SquaresFlow SquaresFlow SquaresFlow Squares


The object of the game is to change all of the squares on your side of the board to the same colour to win the game. You do this by selecting a colour from the selectors at the bottom. This changes all squares adjacent to the colours attached to the top left square.

You can play this game either single player or multi player

1. Single Player

Be careful while playing this mode because you have limited turns to complete level. If you goes out of turns then your game will be over. If you completes level with some turns remaining then remaining turns will carry forward to next level. So play carefully and save turns which would help you in next level.

2. Multiplayer

Fill the board with one colour by swapping the square colours before your opponent dose. You can play this challenging virus like game against following three opponents

i. Against Computer: Play against computer and challenge it's artificial intelligence.

ii. Against Friends: Challenge your skills with playing against your friends with same device. Play with your friends and show who is the boss?

iii. Against Game Center Friends: Challenge your skills by inviting your Game Center friends and play with them. Challenge him to defeat you. Play game with them and show who is the winner.

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