Double DollsNovember 27,2012

Double Dolls

Double DollsDouble DollsDouble DollsDouble DollsDouble Dolls


Connect two circle and make doll free. Quickly connect two circle of the same color as soon as possible and get life free!


  • - Unique idea of the game
  • - New concept with all new story
  • - Impressive design with flying dolls and balloons
  • - Connect two circle as much as possible and get life free!
  • - One minute entertainment with so many amazing powers
  • - Five different powers with amazing features
  • - Supports iPad as well as iPhone/iPod
  • - Game center support
  • - Share score with your friends via Facebook
  • - Compete with your Facebook friends and be weekly winner



  • 2X - Increase your score by some amount which will helps you to get more coin and speedily takes you to the next level.
  • Time Bonus - It increase your time by 4 seconds so you will connects more circles and can gets life free! and can also wins coin bonus. It will also helps you create high score.
  • Color Doll - It will free all dolls of the same color so you will easily gets more score and coins.
  • Clear Board - It will free all dolls of the board. Very important power for get life and coins free!
  • Life Bonus - It will adds one life into your account. Get this power into action and you will gets so many lives in one minutes.


The game is FREE but you will need lives to keep enjoying the fun. You have three options:Purchase: We also offer lives and coins to purchase. After purchase you will enjoy game continuously and instants unlocks on powers.

Ask life from your friends. Invite your friends as much possible to get lives from the friends without any cost!

Wait for few minutes for refill.