Bubbles ShooterOctober 24,2012

Bubbles Shooter

Bubbles ShooterBubbles ShooterBubbles Shooter


Get Bubbles shooter with more powers, more items, unlimited levels and much more specials! into your iPod, iPhone and iPad.

This is a simple yet addictive game with retina optimized and eye catching graphics making the game most enjoyable and you will play it for hours without stopping.

Throw bubble and make combination of 3 or more bubbles to blast them. Which clears bubbles from board and takes you to the next level.


  • - No need to tap on button. Just tap on the game board where you want to shoot the ball.
  • - Enjoy playing of not only 60 seconds but 99 seconds
  • - Successful 10 consecutive shots gives you bonus 10 seconds time
  • - Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
  • - As you completes one by one level you will gets more and more powers to clears the bubbles quickly
  • - It's more addictive! The more you play, the more you want it!
  • - It's fun, The graphics, The colors, The motion, The powers, The animation!
  • - This game don't have finish
  • - Enjoy hours of fun with this bubbles shooter game with mind blowing powers and their animation
  • - Have 12 different powers, playing with that powers changes your game experience
  • - Game center support
  • - Can play game on iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • - Can share score in facebook



  • - 2x - Gives you double scores then normal
  • - Bomb - Blast likes bomb and clears many surrounded bubbles
  • - Thunder - Animation plays like thunder and clears many bubbles of the board
  • - Color Bomb - Clears all bubbles of the same color
  • - Fire ball - It gives you two shots which will not stop until it touches to the wall
  • - Clear all - Clears all bubbles of the board
  • - 3x - Gives you tripple scores then normal
  • - Random bubble - Randomly clears bubbles from the board
  • - 4 blast - Randomly makes 4 blast in the board
  • - Color drop - Change the all bubbles color to any one color
  • - Horizontal Blast- Clear whole row of bubbles where you fire on the board
  • - Magic Fire - Every shots becomes bomb.


This is a free version of bubbles shooter so you can try before you buy. You can unlock the powers by simply playing the game, no need to do In-App.

If you will do In-App, you can experience powers from the first level and makes your game experience wonderful, Don't wait for the powers to be unlocked and make power unlock with In-App.