Solitaire CenterApril 15,2013

Solitaire Center

Solitaire CenterSolitaire CenterSolitaire CenterSolitaire CenterSolitaire Center


Solitaire center is the one only apps available in apps store that provides three different types of solitare game in one apps.


  • - Three different solitaire games in one apps i) Solitare ii) Ace Solitaire iii) Pyramid Solitaire
  • - Amzing game environment
  • - Three theme for every game, User have a option to select theme and enjoy playing with three different designed cards and environment
  • - Unlimited levels in all three games
  • - Miscellaneous cards animation
  • - We are taken care of user game so we provides game saving functinality. User can save his game and can continue next time from where he/she left.
  • - User can enjoy this game in both iPhone as well as iPad
  • - Game center support
  • - User can share their score via Facebook