Kids Numbers HDOctober 10,2013

Kids Numbers HD

Kids Numbers HDKids Numbers HDKids Numbers HDKids Numbers HDKids Numbers HD


Application Has 3 Mode:
Quick Play:
Touch and Learn! Touch the screen and it will pop-out a Number where you touched it and you would hear a nice phonetic of that Number. The Numbers would be in sequence from start to end in a given range. So, start touching and learning!
This will show you a Number with number of different objects such as animals, birds etc. You will learn counting the objects and identify a Number based on that. You can play or pause the slideshow at any time. Arrow buttons besides a Number jumps directly onto previous or next Number.
You will see a number of objects and 3 answer choices. You will need to count the number of objects and choose a correct answer from the three. A correct answer will increase number of thumbs up and incorrect will increase number of thumbs down. You will click on the right arrow besides the Number to go to next Number. There are no time limits to enjoy this exam!