Flow GemsMarch 07,2013

Flow Gems

Flow GemsFlow GemsFlow GemsFlow GemsFlow GemsFlow Gems


Features of the game:

  • - Are you a super fan of bubble or diamond or gems games?
  • - Are you tired of the classical diamond or gem swapping games?
  • - Then get ready to play matching gems game with brand new style which brings more fun and joy!


How to play

  • You slide the rows and column of objects by grabbing an object and slide it up, down or sideways. When you have a possible match with at least 3 objects of the same colour that connect horizontally or vertically the objects will change appearance and you can release the object to make the match. If you release without a match the object will revert back to the original position. When object are cleared new objects fall in and a chain of consecutive matches may occur. Once the objects have stopped falling you may slide again to make another match.
  • Tap on the object you want to move and hold down the mouse button to slide it. Once you have reached a position with a match release it to make the combo, or just release it to let it revert to the original position.
  • You have limited time to complete the level. You have to clear certain number of gems in limited time to complete the level.
  • There are three different powers in the game.
  • If you make pair of four gems then it will clears all gems of same row or column.
  • If you have wild card gems then you can use this wild card gem to make pair with any colour gems.
  • Nine slice power will help you to clear more gems from the board.



  • - Flow Gems is a puzzle game with exciting animations, sound and pure Glamour!
  • - Well designed background and user interface with new concept
  • - Many powers available in the game
  • - Facebook integration



  • 9 Slice - It will clears 9 gems of the board with beautiful animation, which is surrounded by power.
  • Row / Column - It will clears entire vertical column or horizontal row of gems. If you match four gems then it will it will clears whole row or column of gems.
  • Wild Card - You can use this wild card gems to make pair with any gems.


Mode of the game

  • Easy: This is easy mode of the game. You have to deal with only three colour gems. So you can easily finds possible match in the board.
  • Medium: This mode is some what difficult then easy mode. You have four colour gems in the board.
  • Hard: Hardest mode of the game. In which you can face difficulty to make group of 3 or more gems. Since you have five colour gems in the board.
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