Bubble Shooter DeluxeApril 23,2014

Bubble Shooter Deluxe

Bubble Shooter DeluxeBubble Shooter DeluxeBubble Shooter DeluxeBubble Shooter DeluxeBubble Shooter Deluxe


It's Shooting Bubble Game! Shoot bubble and make combination of 3 or more bubbles to pop them.

  • - Get Bubble Shooter with more powers, more items, unlimited levels, more colours and much more specials!
  • - This is a simple but yet addictive game with retina optimised and eye catching graphics making the game most enjoyable and you will play it for hours without stopping.
  • - Throw bubble and make combination of 3 or more bubbles to blast them. Which clears bubbles from board and takes you to the next level.




  • - No need to tap on button. Just tap on the game board where you want to shoot the ball
  • - Successful 10 consecutive shots gives you bonus 10 seconds time
  • - Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
  • - As you completes one by one level you will gets more and more powers to clears the bubbles quickly
  • - It's more addictive! The more you play, the more you want it!
  • - It's fun, The graphics, The colours, The motion, The powers, The animation!
  • - This game don't have finish
  • - Enjoy hours of fun with this bubbles shooter game with mind blowing powers and their wonderful animation
  • - Have 12 different powers, playing with that powers changes your game experience
  • - Can share score in Facebook



  • 1) 2x - Gives you double scores then normal
  • 2) Bomb - Blast likes bomb and clears many surrounded bubbles
  • 3) Thunder - Animation plays like thunder and clears many bubbles of the board
  • 4) Color Bomb - Clears all bubbles of the same colour
  • 5) Fire ball - It gives you two shoots which will not stop until it touches to the wall
  • 6) Clear all - Clears all bubbles of the board
  • 7) 3x - Gives you tripple scores then normal
  • 8) Random bubble - Randomly clears bubbles from the board
  • 9) 4 blast - Randomly makes 4 blast in the board
  • 10) Color drop - Change the all bubbles color to any one color
  • 11) Horizontal Blast- Clear whole row of bubbles where you fire on the board
  • 12) Magic Fire - Every shoots becomes bomb with wonderful border animation