Bollywood Music & SongsJanuary 06,2014

Bollywood Music & Songs

Bollywood Music & SongsBollywood Music & SongsBollywood Music & SongsBollywood Music & SongsBollywood Music & SongsBollywood Music & Songs


Bollywood Music & Songs is a simple, beautiful, and 100% free way to search, discover, and listen Indian and Bollywood songs. From the newest songs to the hard-to-find classics.

Our catalog includes Popular Ghazals, New Release, Recent Hits, Old Hits and Middle Mix.

Awesome features include:

  • - Easy and user friendly design to access all functionality
  • - Category wise album and play your favourites
  • - Keep app in background and access other apps
  • - Search and play any songs from library containing thousands of Bollywood songs
  • - Search saved playlist of other users and save it easily to your account
  • - Easily create, save and update your playlist
  • - Easily drag & drop song saved playlist and change sequence
  • - Swap the album or song to mark it as Favorite list
  • - Easy access to top 100 albums and songs
  • - Find new releases movie songs by one tap
  • - Find what other people are listening by viewer's choice
  • - Easily share album or song you like with your friends
  • - Play/Pause, Next/Previous, Seek controls within players
  • - Repeat songs list or you can shuffle to play songs randomly
  • - Control music playback using Phone controls even if it is in background


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