Back To School LiteOctober 11,2013

Back To School Lite

Back To School LiteBack To School LiteBack To School LiteBack To School Lite


There is a lot of fun and learn here. The 3 phases of learning curve are as below:
Learn: Kid learns basic words based on Alphabets. Kid would see a picture and at the same time there would a nice, soft voice which would spell the name of the picture displayed.
Practice: Kid practices basic words based on Alphabets. It displays a picture and kid needs to identify that picture with correct name from given 4 options. Kid can re-practice the words which were answered incorrect.
Test: Kid will give a test here. There would be different pictures on right side of screen along with their names on left side. Kid would have to place the correct word in correct box and the picture of the same on right side would be marked as correct.
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