Aquarium Era LiteFebruary 27,2012

Aquarium Era Lite

Aquarium Era LiteAquarium Era LiteAquarium Era LiteAquarium Era LiteAquarium Era Lite


You need to connect two same kind of objects. It must be possible to draw a line between them with two turns or less. When two objects are connected they will disappear. You goal is to clear board as quickly as possible. But you got limited time! So do good watchful analysis and make connections faster.

QUICK PLAYThere are 80 levels in this game coming randomly. You have limited time for each level.

There are two modes of game:

SHIFT MODEWhen inner objects are disappeared the outer objects are affected by gravity, but the direction of gravity differs between levels.

UNSHIFT MODEWhen inner objects are disappeared, the outer objects remains at their current positions. You get more freedom to connect objects.